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Today’s video link: Weather map goes crazy, live on air

Climate change apocalypse? It's time to evacuate Phoenix

Watching a newscast or any other live television program is a lot like watching a NASCAR race: No matter how much you’re being informed or entertained, you’re really just secretly waiting for something to go wrong. And sooner or later, it probably will.

Watch KSAZ-TV Fox 10 Phoenix weather anchor Cory McCloskey go from delivering a routine weather report to suddenly covering a climate change apocalypse right before your very eyes — all on live TV.

“Wow, 750 degrees in Gila Bend right now. Uh…” It’s fun watching McCloskey roll with the punches like a consummate pro.

Kudos to Fox 10 Phoenix for archiving the video online. Hopefully the original is being stored in a heat-resistant location.

Billy Suratt

Billy Suratt is a Mid-South photojournalist and Kentucky writer. He enjoys long walks on beaches, short walks through parking lots and shooting football by candlelight. Follow him on Twitter, but please not through any parking lots.

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