Ronco Showtime rotisserie cooking times

Man peering through window of Ronco Showtime rotisserie as meat cooks.
I’m happy to help you out with these Ronco Showtime rotisserie cooking times, but please try not to stare directly into the meat. (Photo © Dave 77459 via Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If you have a Ronco Showtime rotisserie but never can remember cook times or what you did with the manual, you’re in the right place.

A nice thing about having your own website is you can do whatever you want with it, so way back in 2014 I decided to post this comprehensive list of Ronco Showtime rotisserie cook times primarily just so I’d be able to find them myself whenever I needed them. Interestingly, this has ended up becoming one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done (which is kind of amusing since I primarily did it just because I was tired of trying to keep up with my own Ronco Showtime rotisserie instruction manual).

Unfortunately, my Ronco Showtime rotisserie has long since gone to that great small-appliance scrap heap in the sky; it still worked fine — except for the timer knob, which broke just after the one-year warranty ran out — but I ended up moving to a smaller space and just didn’t have enough kitchen counter space for it anymore.

I miss having one, though, and I’m glad this list of cooking times can continue helping other people until I end up getting a new Ronco Showtime rotisserie for myself someday. The roast beef alone changed my life.

About these Ronco Showtime Rotisserie cooking times

These cooking times were pulled from the manual for the Ronco Showtime 5000T Platinum rotisserie, but should hold true for most of the Showtime line of rotisseries. Just remember all cook times are approximate and you should add two minutes to the times listed here in order to allow time for the rotisserie to come up to temperature.

Always base doneness on USDA-recommended internal temperatures rather than arbitrary cooking times. The Ronco Showtime rotisserie cook times listed here are merely a guide; if you use this chart to cook meat that kills you, it’s not my fault. (And don’t bother trying to sue me — I’m a journalist, I have nothing.)

All temperatures below are listed in degrees Fahrenheit. Because this is America.






Now, go break out your Ronco Showtime rotisserie and char some meat. If you need a new one (like I do) and you have the counter space (which I don’t), you can support this website by checking out the current Ronco Showtime rotisserie models on Amazon (affiliate link).

(R.I.P. Ron Popeil. Still not sure about that Pocket Fisherman, but I really enjoyed your Showtime rotisserie when I still had one.)

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